Referrals to the service come through Tulsa, Maternity Hospitals, Homeless Services and Aftercare Services.

Families who meet the criteria will be invited to visit the organisation to meet staff and get an overview of the service. If they wish to progress the referral, they are given an application pack. On receipt of the completed pack, the admissions committee will meet to decide if the family are suitable for the service.

  • Available  space
  • Lone parent aged 18 and over
  • Lone parents in their 18th year may be considered following a full risk assessment by the Admission/Discharge Committee
  • Appropriateness of the service to meet the family’s needs
  • A demonstrated commitment to self-development by the parent and their ability to participate in the programme.
  • Have low to medium support needs
  • Have one/two children under the age of four
  • Women pregnant for six months or more
  • Women for whom reunification with their children is planned
  • Women who are not currently misusing drugs or alcohol

How to refer

  • The referring agent calls to discuss the referral to determine if it is appropriate to send a placement request.
  • If the referral is appropriate, the referring agent sends a letter of instruction to the service outlining the family background and what supports the family will need for the duration of the placement.
  • The family visit the service. The nature of our work is explained to the family. If they wish to proceed with the application, they are given an application form to complete.

What happens next?

  • On receipt of the completed application form, it is then presented to the admissions committee who will decide if the family are to be offered a placement.
  • When a placement is offered, the family is introduced to their support worker who will start the induction process.
  • The family moves in within three weeks

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