Referrals to the service come through Tulsa, Maternity Hospitals, Homeless Services and Aftercare Services.

Families who meet the criteria will be invited to visit the organisation to meet staff and get an overview of the service. If they wish to progress the referral, they are given an application pack. On receipt of the completed pack, the admissions committee will meet to decide if the family are suitable for the service.

Click Ecclesville below for Referral Criteria.

Early Years Setting

We offer a service to

  • Children from three months to four years
  • Children of lone parents who are returning to work/education 
  • Families with additional welfare needs
  • Families currently in homeless accommodation

Click Early Year Setting below for Referral Criteria.

Hawthorn Residential

Hawthorn provides community and residential assessments and interventions to parents with young children. The service is targeted at those parents who face difficulties in caring for their children and where Tusla may be initiating care proceedings or where care proceeding are already under way.

The residential centre can accommodate three families and their children. The assessment is structured to allow the families take part in planned programmes. 

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Carr’s Child and Family Services CLG
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Registered address: 5 Northbrook Road, Ranelagh, Dublin 6, D06 HP28. Charity Number: 20001179.

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