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Parenting Support and Assessment Services

Parents who grow up in challenging environments can often struggle to give their own children the care and support they need. Through assessment and support Carr’s Child and Family Services, a registered charity, works to break the cycle to give every child  the opportunity to grow up in a safe and loving environment. We provide a range of supports, assessments and therapeutic care to families. We work with Guardians, Social Workers, Solicitors and the Courts to provide  unbiased parenting assessments across Ireland. The core of our work is on strengthening family relationships to achieve the best possible outcomes for children. We focus on the safety and wellbeing of the children.

We have a number of specialists on the team including, mental health, sexual health, baby massage, Marte Meo therapist,  and Psychologist.

Current Services

  • Creche and pre-school
  • Ecclesville transitional housing
  • Residential parenting assessments
  • Community based parenting assessments
  • Viability assessments

Assessments: Our assessments explore family competence, strengths and difficulties and incorporate both observational sessions and individual and couple work into the assessment.We undertake a thorough review of the family history and where necessary use psychological testing conducted by a qualified psychologist. We offer three types of assessment:

Viability Assessments:   We can provide two week viability assessments,whereby the family reside with us in Hawthorn and a report is produced at the conclusion of the two week period to establish the viability of a longer term assessment.

Residential Assessments:   We can offer a 6-12 week residential assessment in Hawthorn with 24 hour supervision.

Community Assessments :  For families that do not need a residential placement, we offer assessment in the community. We provide supervision at times deemed most ‘risky’ for the child/children. For example early mornings, evening, and/or weekends.

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